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Art Law & Copyright Protection

Art is the tangible product of a creative mind that enriches the lives of those who behold it. The creators and collectors of art should be able to realize financial benefits from those products. The copyright attorneys at Peacock Myers, P.C. help artists and museums secure and protect the exclusive rights to the work they produce and possess.

Who Can Benefit from Art Law Protection

Copyright laws apply to the creators of many types of art, including:

  • Musicians/Recording artists
  • Lyricists
  • Film creators
  • Lithographers
  • Graphic artists
  • Painters
  • Sculptors
  • Novelists
  • Fabric designers

Art law may also bestow or extend exclusive rights to publishers and collectors (e.g., museums). A copyright attorney can help you understand your exclusive rights and define rights holders, which is particularly important for art that requires another party for production and/or distribution.

Art Protection Provided by Copyright Law

Copyright law provides that certain exclusive rights belong to the creator of art. Those exclusive rights exist without a copyright registration. However, without copyright registration, your ability to seek damages and attorney’s fees in the event of copyright infringement is limited.

Without copyright registration, the exclusive rights holder can only recover damages equal to the profits made on the infringed-upon art. In many cases, those damages do not amount to much.

With copyright registration, the exclusive rights holder can claim legal fees and damages or statutory damages. Statutory damage is an amount awarded in lieu of actual damage since actual loss of profit is difficult to calculate. The court may award up to $250,000 in statutory damage with an additional amount for attorney’s fees, which may exceed the actual damages.

Contact a Copyright Attorney

Peacock Myers, P.C. is an intellectual property law firm that has been helping clients protect their art and their art’s profitability since 1995. Our team of experienced copyright attorneys can help you safeguard your exclusive rights and aggressively pursue litigation if those rights have been infringed upon. Our copyright attorneys can also teach you how to complete copyright registrations so that you can continue to build your intellectual property portfolio more cost effectively.

Contact Peacock Myers, P.C. to discuss your art law protection needs. We have offices in Albuquerque, Tulsa, New York and Washington D.C. to better serve you.

Trust the art law experts at Peacock Myers, P.C. to protect your exclusive rights to your creation or collection.
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