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Intellectual Property, Biotechnology Law

Professional Recognition:

Best Attorneys in New Mexico 2012
New Mexico Business Weekly Who’s Who in Technology 2011
Best Lawyers in America, Biotechnology Law (2010 – present)
Ethics in Business Award 2009
Quality of Life Employer Award 2009

Inventor Janeen Vilven-Doggett Issued Patents:

7,109,041 and 7,018,846

Selected Work Experience:

Peacock Myers, P.C., Albuquerque, NM, Shareholder
Registered Patent Attorney working in patent prosecution in biotechnology, computer science, chemical and pharmaceutical sciences, genetics, medical device, nanotechnology, and optics.  Also handling patent, trademark, intellectual property litigation and licensing matters.  FDA counseling regarding medical device, pharmaceutical applications and product labeling requirements.

Roberts Abokhair & Mardula, LLC, Reston, Virginia and Corrales, New Mexico
Attorney, February 2001-December 2004
Registered Patent Agent/Attorney working in patent, trademark, copyright and licensing matters, intellectual property audits, employment agreements, non-compete and confidentiality agreements, commercialization strategies, export practice and security clearance matters.

Rodey, Dickason, Sloan, Akin & Robb, P.A., Albuquerque, New Mexico
Summer Associate/Registered Patent Agent, Summer 2000
Associate working in patent, trademark, and copyright matters.

University of New Mexico, Office of University Counsel, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Clerkship, Summer 1999-December 1999
Working in patent infringement and patent assignment breach matters, patent docket management and government reporting in compliance with Bayh-Dole Act.  Worked with University faculty to draft financial conflicts of interest management statement.

University of New Mexico Health Science Center, Department of Pathology
Graduate Student/Postdoctoral Fellow, 1991-1998
Developed screening system for non-cellular display of membrane bound protein/ligand interactions using FRET and fluorescent ligand-receptor interactions.  Characterized chemokine receptors through mutation of receptor’s ligand-binding domains and complementary modifications in ligand structure.  Responsible for compliance with human and animal subject research regulations, hazardous materials regulations and control of human biologics and radioactive materials.

Community and Professional Activities:

NMBIO, Past President, Board of Directors, Secretary, 2002-Present
Biotechnology Industry Organization, Technology Transfer Committee, member
American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA)
International Trademark Association, 2011-Present
A Child’s Garden, Board of Directors
The Anderson School of Management Foundation, Board of Directors

Patents Prosecuted Include:

  • 9,597,837 Method for making a fluidic device
  • 9,597,263 Fluid and nutrition delivery device and method of use
  • 9,579,142 Multi-function RF-probe with dual electrode positioning
  • 9,568,268 Apparatus and Method for a Weapon Simulator
  • 9,561,002 Systems for Monitoring Infant Oral Motor Kinetics During Nutritive and Non-nutritive Feeding
  • 9,527,786 Compressor equipped emissions free dehydrator
  • 9,462,945 System and methods for automatic processing of digital rtinal images in conjunction with an imaging device
  • 9,428,781 Oscillating amplification reastion for nucleic acids
  • 9,417,241 5, 10, 15, 20-tetrakis (carboxyphenyl) porphine (TCPP) and kit for use with detecting cancer
  • 9,408,658 System and Method for a physiochemical scalpel to eliminate biologic tissue over-resection and induce tissue healing
  • 9,382,416 Chemical Additives to Make Polymeric Materials Biodegradable
  • 9,328,310 Subcritical Water Extraction of Lipids from Wet Algal Biomass
  • D752,374 Keg Dispenser Housing
  • D746,595 Suitcase Insert
  • D746,061 Suitcase Insert
  • 9,207,236 Highly Simplified Lateral Flow-based Nucleic Acid Sample Preparation and Passive Fluid Flow Control
  • 9,175,922 Apparatus and Method for a Weapon Simulator
  • 9,161,699 Device for the Non-Invasive Determination of Arterial Blood Pressure
  • D737,703 Particle Analyzer
  • D735,972 Skirt
  • 9,033,996 System, Method and Apparatus for Placing Therapeutic Device in a Heart
  • 9,012,235 Multi-sample Particle Analyzer and method for High Throughput Screening
  • 8,998,123 Dispensing device for labels
  • 8,975,038 Method for determining presence of carcinomic cells with 5, 10, 15, 20-tetrakis (carboxyphenyl) porphine
  • 8,974,230 System and method for creating ink art
  • 8,906,609 Label-free biomolecule sensor based on surface charge modulated ionic conductance
  • 8,877,509 System and method for analyzing samples labeled with 5, 10, 15, 20 tetrakis (4-carboxyphenyl) porpine (TCPP)
  • 8,868,157 Thermal optical imager system and method for detection of peripheral neuropathy
  • 8,827,709 Dynamic motion seat
  • 8,823,943 System and method for separating samples in a continuous flow
  • 8,796,212 Composition and method for delivery of BMP-2 amplifier/co-activator for enhancement of osteogenesis
  • 8,734,441 Interfacing media manipulation with non-ablation radiofrequency energy system and method
  • 8,690,575 Apparatus and method for a weapon simulator
  • 8,623,012 Electrosurgical plenum
  • 8,619,368 Whole beam image splitting system
  • 8,618,189 Chemical additives to make polymeric materials biodegradable
  • 8,616,885 System and method for creating ink art
  • 8,607,602 Passenger portable safety brake
  • 8,591,508 Electrosurgical plenum
  • 8,513,329 Chemical additives to make polymeric materials biodegradable
  • 8,500,277 Objective traumatic brain injury assessment system and method
  • 8,486,656 Method for prognosing response to cancer therapy with 5, 10, 15, 20-tetrakis (carboxyphenyl) porphine
  • 8,460,458  Healing agent in cement-based materials and structures, and process for its preparation
  • 8,441,732  Whole beam image splitting system
  • 8,439,331  Manhole cover extractor
  • 8,349,899  Selective inhibitors of EG5 motors and methods of use
  • 8,320,047  Whole beam image splitting system
  • 8,267,972  Bone plate
  • 8,235,979  Interfacing media manipulation with non-ablation radiofrequency energy system and method
  • 8,227,411  FGF growth factor analogs
  • 8,222,316  Chemical additives to make polymeric materials biodegradable
  • 8,163,717  Dual chain synthetic heparin-binding growth factor analogs
  • 8,157,872  System and method for creating ink art
  • 8,118,754  Magnetic needle biopsy
  • 8,101,570  Single branch heparin-binding growth factor analogs
  • 8,060,179  Biomagnetic detection and treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease
  • 8,057,552  System and method for creating ink art
  • 7,993,282  Tagging and retrieval of DNA from casualties
  • 7,988,287  Objective traumatic brain injury assessment system and method
  • 7,981,862  Composition comprising BMP-2 amplifier/co-activator for enhancement of osteogenesis
  • 7,963,289  Hair accessory to achieve a fuller ponytail
  • 7,961,398  Multiple image camera and lens system
  • 7,960,138  Method for prognosing response to cancer therapy with 5, 10, 15, 20-tetrakis (carboxyphenyl) porphine
  • 7,955,296  Biologically enhanced irrigants
  • 7,820,172  Laminin-derived multi-domain peptides
  • 7,819,864  Electrosurgery devices
  • 7,819,861  Methods for electrosurgical electrolysis
  • 7,819,136  Hand washing timer
  • 7,771,422  Methods and devices for electrosurgery
  • 7,713,690  Luminous bacteria and methods for the isolation, identification and quantitation of toxicants
  • 7,713,269  Devices for electrosurgery
  • 7,700,563  Synthetic heparin-binding factor analogs
  • 7,671,012  Formulations and methods for delivery of growth factor analogs
  • 7,670,799  Method for making 5, 10, 15, 20-tetrakis (carboxyphenyl) porphine (TCPP) solution and composition comprising TCPP
  • 7,668,351  System and method for automation of morphological segmentation of bio-images
  • 7,598,224  Dual chain synthetic heparin-binding growth factor analogs
  • 7,587,097  Max entropy optimized retinal camera
  • 7,549,989  Electrosurgery devices
  • 7,528,105  Heterodimeric chain synthetic heparin-binding growth factor analogs
  • 7,491,812  Copper-inducible promoter system
  • 7,482,427  Positive modulator of bone morphogenic protein-2
  • 7,468,210  Cross-linked heparin coatings and methods
  • 7,445,619  Devices for electrosurgery
  • 7,433,532  Max entropy optimized retinal camera
  • 7,419,264  Ophthalmic aberrometer for measuring aberrations in the eye
  • 7,414,028  Growth factor analogs
  • 7,384,764  Method for prognosing response to cancer therapy with 5, 10, 15, 20-tetrakis (carboxyphenyl) porphine
  • 7,364,674  Corneal implants produced by irradiation of polymer films
  • 7,309,316  Magnetic needle biopsy
  • 7,297,343  Bioactive medical films
  • 7,295,310  Apparatus for determining the shape and/or size of little particles
  • 7,256,009  Luminous bacteria and methods for the isolation, identification and quantitation of toxicants
  • 7,254,709 Managed information Transmission of electronic items in a network environment
  • 7,247,272  Method of the dosed application of a liquid onto a surface
  • 7,244,359  Inorganic ion sorbent method
  • 7,222,961  Method for detecting a functional signal in retinal images
  • 7,217,769  Medical device with plasma cross-linked hydrophilic coating
  • 7,214,485  Nested methylation-specific polymerase chain reaction cancer detection method
  • 7,207,959  Thrombus prevention apparatus and methods
  • 7,176,036  Electroactive microspheres and methods
  • 7,166,574  Synthetic heparin-binding growth factor analogs
  • 7,124,435 Information management system and method
  • 7,122,502  Inorganic ion sorbents
  • 7,112,347  Sandwich package and method of packaging
  • 7,099,797 System and method of testing software and hardware in a reconfigurable instrumented network
  • 7,091,033  Array of toxicologically relevant canine genes and uses thereof
  • 7,074,336  Inorganic ion sorbents and methods for using the same
  • 7,012,184  Disc for use in an apparatus for signal processing and such an apparatus
  • 6,992,775  Hyperspectral retinal imager
  • 6,953,541 Flexible polyolefin compounds for vehicle applications
  • 6,945,244  Range hood
  • 6,938,776  Method and a device for the separation of particles
  • 6,902,839 Polymer electrolyte membrane for fuel cell and method for producing the same
  • 6,851,198 Superior system and method for determining the position of a first down of a football on a field during a game
  • 6,733,719 Polypropylene biaxially oriented film
  • 6,607,137 Method and apparatus for casting a vote from home on elections
  • 6,562,630 Method for preparation and use of preservative-free immunoassay reagents
  • D723,279  Suitcase insert
  • D722,806  Keg dispenser housing
  • D722,515  Particle analyzer
  • D716,461 Baby Bottle
  • D661,650  Medical electrical connector assembly
  • D651,820  Tailgate bench
  • D648,892  Cigar holder
  • D640,904  Wine aerator
  • D630,930  Multi-spoke geodesic hub
  • D619,431  Wine aerator
  • D617,433  Lavatory system
  • D615,042  Medical device plug for a surgical tool
  • D607,092  Lavatory system
  • D600,808  Medical device handle for a surgical tool
  • D590,485  Lavatory system
  • D588,681  Lavatory system
  • D587,559  Geodesic hub
  • D577,876  Frozen confection
  • D557,576  Fish hook bottle opener
  • D542,960  Floor lamp
  • D542,665  Bottle
  • D542,459  Vine sconce
  • D533,413  Wine rack
  • D505,588  Wine stem ID ring

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University of New Mexico School of Law, J.D., cum laude, 2001

University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center, Ph.D., Biomedical Sciences, 1997

Baylor University, B.A. Biology, 1986


Registered Patent Attorney,
No. 47,156

Member of the New Mexico Bar, United States District Court of the District of New Mexico, Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals

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