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Patent Law, Intellectual Property Law, Computer Science

Professional Recognition:

Listed in Best Lawyers in America (1997-present), Intellectual Property Law (certification derived from a national lawyer survey)
Ethics in Business Award (2009)
NM Bar Quality of Life Award

Selected Work Experience:

Peacock Myers, P.C., Albuquerque, New Mexico Shareholder, 1995-Present
Shareholder and Registered Patent Attorney specializing in patent, trademark, copyright, licensing, and litigation matters, particularly pertaining to computer hardware and software, optics, the visual and publishing arts, and an additional variety of technical areas.

Montgomery & Andrews, P.A., Albuquerque, New Mexico
Attorney, 1991-1995
Associate attorney and Registered Patent Attorney specializing in patent, trademark, copyright and licensing matters.

Wisconsin Court of Appeals, District IV, Madison, Wisconsin
Law Clerk, 1989-1990
Law Clerk to Presiding Judge Paul C. Gartzke.

International Business Machines Corporation, Research Division,  Yorktown Heights, New York and San Jose, California
Intern, 1979-1982
Creating computer software for branch office and security systems support.

Community and Professional Activities:

Parker Center for Family Business Board
Technology Ventures Corporation (TVC) Advisor
New Mexico Audubon Council
Trusted Advisor Network (TAN)
CLE Speaker on Intellectual Property Topics

Representative Patents:

Representative patents drafted and/or prosecuted in the computer sciences include:

  • 9,484,950 Hardware Efficient Digital Signal Processing for on-the-fly Delta Sigma Bit Stream Linear Operator and Compressor Units
  • 9,474,960 Fantasy Sports Method, System, and Software
  • 9,256,677 Dynamic index and search engine server
  • 9,195,756 Building a Master Topical Index of Information
  • 8,806,223 System and method for management of encrypted data
  • 8,639,502 Speaker model-based speech enhancement system
  • 8,576,926 Single frame artifact filtration and motion estimation
  • 8,504,554 Dynamic index and search engine server
  • 8,401,989 Validation mechanisms for simulations of complex systems
  • 8,359,428 Associative list processing unit
  • 8,285,750 Computer-based system method for generating, classifying searching, and analyzing standardized text templates
  • 8,250,097 Online identity management and identity verification
  • 8,208,065 Method, apparatus, and computer software for digital video scan rate conversions with minimization of artifacts
  • 8,094,707 List-based detection in fading channels with long intersymbol interference
  • 8,046,212 Identification of chemical names in text containing documents
  • 7,948,420 Eliminating use of anti-aliasing filters in digital relays by oversampling
  • 7,788,700 Enterprise security system
  • 7,613,992 Dynamic index and search engine server
  • 7,397,970 Automatic scene correlation and identification
  • 7,092,852 Determination of fit basis functions
  • 7,062,502 Automated generation of dynamic data entry user interface for relational database management systems
  • 7,003,535 Median determination apparatus and method
  • 6,937,185 Rain Versus Target Discrimination for Doppler Radars
  • 6,914,917 Discrete Wavelength-Locked External Cavity Laser
  • 6,901,152 Visual profile classification
  • 6,898,586 System and method for database design and maintenance
  • 6,701,029 Ring-wedge data analysis of digital images
  • 6,322,368 Training and testing human judgment of advertising materials
  • 6,297,666 Fully programmable and configurable application specific integrated circuit
  • 6,240,308 Method and apparatus for archiving and displaying anatomico-physiological data in a normalized whole brain mapping and imaging system
  • 6,239,785 Tactile computer input device
  • 6,141,676 Digitally-configurable analog VLSI chip and method for real-time solution of partial differential equations
  • 6,049,510 Robust and intelligent bearing estimation
  • 5,930,284 Multiple input electrode gap controller
  • 5,640,496 Method and apparatus for management of image data by linked lists of pixel values
  • 5,630,129 Dynamic load balancing of applications
  • 5,590,246 Fuzzy logic controlled video printer
  • 5,587,922 Multidimensional spectral load balancing
  • 5,581,666 Modular architecture for robotics and teleoperation
  • 5,483,170 Integrated circuit fault testing implementing voltage supply rail pulsing and corresponding instantaneous current response analysis
  • 5,375,195 Method and apparatus for generating composites of human faces
  • 5,355,435 Asynchronous temporal neural processing element
  • 5,293,619 Method and apparatus for collaborative use of application program

Representative patents drafted and/or prosecuted in the optical sciences include:

  • 9,110,006 Building a Master Topical Index of Information
  • 8,896,836 Fluid properties measurements using wavelength modulation spectroscopy with first harmonic detection
  • 7,982,871 Sensor for identifying at least one particle by means of raman-spectroscopy
  • 7,847,748 Single input circular and slant polarization selectivity by means of dielectric control
  • 7,126,685 Optical absorbance sensitivity and reliability improvement via rotation of sample container
  • 7,119,969 Pixel matched camera optics
  • 7,079,254 Method and apparatus for imaging internal structures of transparent and translucent materials
  • 7,010,202 Variable field of view optical system
  • 6,977,767 Plasmonic nanophotonics methods, materials, and apparatuses
  • 6,940,599 Envelope functions for modulation spectroscopy
  • 6,914,917 Discrete wavelength-locked external cavity laser
  • 6,867,930 Infrared optics and manufacture thereof
  • 6,856,408 Line profile asymmetry measurement using scatterometry
  • 6,837,587 Low cost fast steering mirror
  • 6,823,124 Laser-guided manipulation of non-atomic particles
  • 6,707,020 Adaptive dynamic range wavefront sensor
  • 6,683,895 Wavelength agile external cavity diode laser
  • 6,636,676 Particle guidance system
  • 6,618,148 Acoustic resonance frequency locked photoacoustic spectrometer
  • 6,615,142 Filtering to measure gas concentrations from spectral features
  • 6,611,335 Tone burst diode laser spectroscopy
  • 6,608,683 Acoustic resonance phase locked photoacoustic spectrometer
  • 6,587,258 Electro-optic electric field probe
  • 6,552,792 Wavelength modulated photoacoustic spectrometer
  • 6,360,031 Optical waveguide sensors
  • 6,356,350 Wavelength modulation spectroscopy with multiple harmonic detection
  • 6,351,309 Dual modulation laser line-locking technique for wavelength modulation spectroscopy
  • 6,219,142 Method and apparatus for determining wave characteristics from wave phenomena
  • 5,978,053 Characterization of collimation and beam alignment
  • 5,973,782 Phaseless wavelength modulation spectroscopy
  • 5,969,825 Dual-modulation laser line-locking for wavelength modulation spectroscopy
  • 5,936,720 Beam characterization by wavefront sensor
  • 5,684,545 Adaptive optics wave measurement and correction system

Representative patents drafted and/or prosecuted regarding micro electromechanical systems (MEMS) include:

  • 6,956,283 Encapsulants for protecting MEMS devices during post-packaging release etch

Representative patents drafted and/or prosecuted in the environmental sciences include:

  • 8,383,840 Extraction of fulvic minerals, vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, and phytonutrients from humic substances
  • 7,825,266 Extraction of fulvic minerals from humic substances
  • 6,824,690 Zirconium-modified materials for selective adsorption and removal of aqueous arsenic
  • 6,551,815 In situ denitrification
  • 6,339,951 Leak detection and structural assessment
  • 6,258,273 Process for insitu decontamination of ground water and soil
  • 5,509,565 Foam cap for evaporative coolers
  • 5,344,781 Detection and prevention of hydrocarbon leakage from underground storage tanks
  • 5,277,518 Contaminant remediation, biodegradation and removal methods and apparatus

Representative patents/applications drafted and/or prosecuted in homeland security technologies include:

  • 8,359,465 Enterprise security system
  • 8,253,115 Infrared fluorescing optical signature agent for real time change detection
  • 8,098,191 Electronic curtain for vehicle protection
  • 7,390,432 Formulations for neutralization of chemical and biological toxants
  • 6,937,185 Rain versus target discrimination for doppler radars
  • 6,856,271 Signal processing for object detection system
  • 6,359,582 Concealed weapons detection system
  • 6,342,696 Object detection method and apparatus employing polarized radiation
  • 5,626,040 Rotary pin-in-maze discriminator

Representative patents drafted and/or prosecuted in other technologies include:

  • 9,488,470 Method for Non-Destructive Evaluation of Ceramic Coatings
  • 9,478,887 Flexible Electrical Connector Insert with Conductive and Non-Conductive Elastomers
  • 8,905,359 Method and instrumentation for detection of rail defects, in particular rail top defects
  • 8,672,721 High power discharge fuel ignitor
  • 8,272,873 Language learning system
  • 8,235,329 Dynamically actuated adaptive control structures
  • 8,137,144 Pin connector
  • 8,117,726 Line of sight precision machining
  • 8,092,246 Self-locking micro-D connector
  • 8,049,399 High power discharge fuel ignitor
  • 6,871,597 Magnetically Levitated Transporter
  • 6,841,290 Fuel cell and membrane
  • 6,826,222 Electric oxygen iodine laser
  • 6,824,667 Metal hydride composite materials
  • 6,771,684 Compact, flexible, rapid-pulsed molecular gas laser
  • 6,750,391 Alternating current photovoltaic building block
  • 6,700,333 Two-wire appliance power controller
  • 6,613,979 Electrical circuit suspension system
  • 6,275,146 Vehicle occupant sensing
  • 6,262,871 Fail safe fault interrupter
  • 6,014,602 Motor vehicle occupant sensing systems
  • 5,943,198 Electrical fault interrupt circuits
  • 5,748,063 Generating highly uniform electromagnetic field characteristics
  • 5,686,697 Electrical circuit suspension system
  • 5,621,410 Remote prediction of lightning hazards
  • 5,568,662 Spinal/cervical immobilization device and method

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University of Wisconsin, J.D. cum laude, 1989

University of Wisconsin-Madison, M.S. Computer Sciences, 1983

Marietta College, Marietta, Ohio, B.S. cum laude, Mathematics, 1981


Registered Patent Attorney,
No. 35,964

Member of the New Mexico, New York, Colorado and Wisconsin Bars

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