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Intellectual Property — Patent, Copyright, and Trademark law

Justin Jackson is a registered patent attorney, practicing in the areas of intellectual property (patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets).

Prior to practicing as a patent attorney, Justin worked in the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering department at Oklahoma State University.  He grew up in the country and spent his childhood welding, bolting, and hot-gluing various inventions together in the shop.  Because of that upbringing and his continual tinkering, he is more familiar than most attorneys with the tools, fasteners, and lingo that inventors typically use in building and describing their inventions.

Justin received his Juris Doctorate from the University of New Mexico School of Law and his B.S. in Electrical Engineering Technology from Oklahoma State University.

Justin is admitted to practice before all New Mexico State Courts, all Oklahoma State Courts, all Colorado State Courts, Washington D.C., the Federal Courts for the district of New Mexico, all three of the Federal District Courts in Oklahoma, the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, and the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office.

He has testified as an expert witness for intellectual property matters in court proceedings in both the United States and abroad.

Justin has worked with the firm of Peacock Myers, P.C. since 2003.  He has represented clients from all backgrounds, including independent inventors, major universities, government agencies, federal laboratories, venture capitalists, and companies of all sizes, from start-ups to large corporations.  His work with these clients has been in diverse areas of science and technology, including mechanical engineering, materials science, optics, electronics, computer software, and chemical engineering.  His practice focuses on all phases of intellectual property protection, licensing and commercialization, general business law, and enforcement.

Justin is also the owner of the website www.PatentDraftingSecrets.com and coauthor of the book Patent Drafting Secrets, which is available on Amazon.com.

To contact Justin directly, please call

Selected Work Experience:

Peacock Myers, P.C., Albuquerque, New Mexico
Registered Patent Attorney, May 2003-present
Drafting and prosecuting patent, trademark, and copyright applications; patentability opinions; infringement analysis and litigation; cybersquatting; and testifying as an expert witness in intellectual property for court proceedings in both the United States and abroad

Oklahoma State University Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Stillwater, Oklahoma.
Electronics Technician, September 2000-May 2002
Designing and building projects and electrical circuits for labs, as well as assisting in design, construction, and repair of projects and equipment for graduate research; assisting students with design problems.

Honors and Activities:

  • Awarded by Martindale-Hubbell for Client Distinction
  • Technology Ventures Corporate Advisor
  • Dean’s List, UNM, Spring 2005
  • Honor Roll UNM, Fall 2004
  • Dean’s Honor Roll OSU Fall 2001
  • Charted Country Music Artist

Issued Patents: (Drafted and/or Prosecuted)

  • 9,714,742 Light Source Carrier
  • 9,665,690 Secure cabinet for dispensing items
  • 9,641,657 Providing satellite communication capabilities to existing communication devices, including a common smart phone
  • 9,527,786 Compressor equipped emissions free dehydrator
  • 9,353,315 Vapor Process System
  • 9,320,585 Method and Apparatus for Portable Fluid Delivery for Animals
  • 9,291,409 Compressor Inter-stage Temperature Control
  • 9,287,686 Method of making composite spark plug with capacitor
  • 9,228,917 Six Degrees of Freedom Free-motion Test Apparatus
  • 9,175,852 Efficient Heat Transfer using Fins
  • 9,171,415 Secure Cabinet for Dispensing Items
  • 9,080,766 Enhanced Emission Control for Outdoor Wood-fired Boilers
  • 8,992,564 Instrument for minimally invasive surgery
  • 8,985,114 Method and apparatus for portable fluid delivery for animals
  • 8,922,102 Composite spark plug
  • 8,915,675 Access and connection for a buried pipeline
  • 8,900,343 Liquid hydrocarbon slug containing vapor recovery system
  • 8,864,887 High efficiency slug containing vapor recover
  • 8,858,657 Direct conversion of algal biomass to biofuel
  • 8,840,703 Liquid hydrocarbon slug containing vapor recovery system
  • 8,746,246 Apparatus and method for retrieval of tubing
  • 8,734,441 Interfacing media manipulation with non-ablation radiofrequency energy system and method
  • 8,707,647 Single-ply roofing system
  • 8,678,194 Use of an apparatus for separating magnetic pieces of material
  • 8,672,721 High power discharge fuel ignitor
  • 8,623,012 Electrosurgical plenum
  • 8,622,054 Methods and systems for reducing combustion emissions
  • 8,591,508 Electrosurgical plenum
  • 8,584,914 Method and apparatus for transporting a person on the back of another person
  • 8,581,572 Photovoltaic test apparatus
  • 8,573,309 Liquid rod pump and method
  • 8,570,207  Method, technique, and system for detecting Brillouin precursors at microwave frequencies for enhanced performance in various applications
  • 8,529,215 Liquid hydrocarbon slug containing vapor recovery system
  • 8,528,127 Portable and folding transport chair and method of using
  • 8,491,055 Cycle armrest
  • 8,393,049  Surface cleaning and recycling apparatus and method
  • 8,378,661  Solar simulator
  • 8,328,028  Assembly for the display of eyeglasses and the like
  • 8,272,873  Language learning system
  • 8,256,165  Single ply roofing system
  • 8,250,097  Online identity management and identity verification
  • 8,049,399  High power discharge fuel ignitor
  • 8,046,212  Identification of chemical names in text-containing documents
  • 8,037,662  Method for shock-absorbing packaging
  • 7,997,448  Universal beverage dispenser
  • 7,906,980  Rapid sweeping load testing circuit and method
  • 7,905,722  Control of an adjustable secondary air controller for a burner
  • 7,856,751  Dual purpose fishing tool
  • 7,847,748  Single input circular and slant polarization selectivity by means of dielectric control
  • 7,793,467  Passively cooled and heated electrical components and power building
  • 7,777,866  Fixed difference, dual beam laser Doppler velocimetry
  • 7,740,053  Method of cooling or heating a means of transport and a means of transport
  • 7,736,575  Method of creating chemical induced pre-stressed zones in concrete
  • 7,735,186  Surface cleaning vehicle
  • 7,720,012  Speaker identification in the presence of packet losses
  • 7,665,718  Hose fitting inserter
  • 7,644,056  System and method for providing terrorism intelligence indications and warnings
  • 7,635,284  Programmable appliance controller
  • 7,614,827  Subsurface drip irrigation installer
  • 7,593,856  Brand recognition system
  • 7,573,157  High-power electrical pulses using metal oxide varistors
  • 7,531,030  Natural gas dehydrator and system
  • 7,523,779  Method and apparatus for providing decorative coverings
  • 7,520,491  Clip bender
  • 7,460,243  Measuring apparatus sensitive to rotational but not translational or vibrational movement
  • 7,377,819  Method and apparatus for improving network connection security with one or more cross-wired adapters
  • 7,354,382  Wheeled ambulation and lifting apparatus
  • 7,322,085  Portable hose fitting inserter
  • D661,525  Flat extrusion
  • D661,524  Angle extrusion
  • D658,975  Safety anchor
  • D647,385  Corner bracket
  • D639,152  Fastener
  • D627,268  Motorcycle armrest
  • D627,267  Motorcycle armrest
  • D615,042  Medical device plug for a surgical tool
  • D600,808  Medical device handle for a surgical tool
  • D580,126  Riding pants
  • D553,975  Packaging for flowers


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