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Intellectual Property Law, Applied Technology

Selected Work Experience:

Peacock Myers, P.C., Albuquerque, NM
Registered Patent Agent, 2003-Present
Patent prosecution and analysis in the areas of materials, optics, semiconductors, chemical engineering, and electro-mechanical devices. Intellectual property licensing, technology commercialization, and business planning.

Concise Logic, Inc., Albuquerque, New Mexico
Director, Product Management, 2002-2003
Drafted product specifications, identified early adopter customers and recruited corporate partners, oversaw the intellectual property portfolio, managed prototype software development, and assisted with business plan development and fund raising.

University of New Mexico Science & Technology Corporation, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Director, New Ventures, 2001-2002
Selected technologies that were candidates for startup formation, defined the market opportunity, drafted preliminary business plans, conceived intellectual property strategies and secured intellectual property protection, recruited senior management, and obtained seed funding.

Director of Physical Science Technologies, 1996-2001
Oversaw the patenting and licensing of a portfolio of the hundreds of physical science inventions created at UNM, negotiated license, research, and consortia agreements, marketed inventions to potential corporate licensees, directed patent prosecution, and created and implemented technology transfer policies.

Martin Kurz & Co., Inc., Mineola, New York
Senior Manager, 1992-1994
Introduced new product line of sintered metallic fluidizing media, product development, manufacturing processes, quality control, advertising materials, marketing, sales, and customer support; instituted manufacturing inventory, work-in-progress, and quality control systems; in-house expert on pneumatic conveying; new product designs and manufacturing methods; flow test stand for filtration and fluidization porous media.

RTP Neural Applications, Inc., Pasadena, California
Co-founder, 1990
Responsible for all business aspects of the company, including both financial duties and marketing neural network pattern recognition services to the banking, insurance, and medical industries.

Community and Professional Activities:

Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM), 1996-2002
Licensing Executive Society (LES), 1998-2001
TVC Advisor
American Physical Society, 1983-present
Member, Business Technology Group Incubator Evaluation Committee, 1999-2000
New Mexico Optics Industry Association, 1998-2001

Patents Prosecuted Include:

  • 9,607,889 Forming Structures using Aerosol Jet® deposition
  • 9,594,345 Hybrid reflection hologram
  • 9,593,026 Organic containment destruction using chlorine or mixed oxidant solution and ultraviolet light
  • 9,587,142 Process for Preparing an Optically Clear Superhydrophobic Coating Solution
  • RE46,221 Probe skates for electrical testing of convex pad topologies
  • 9,429,317 Wastewater evaporation apparatus and method
  • 9,428,781 Oscillating amplification reastion for nucleic acids
  • 9,376,169 Ratline for Modern Sailboats and Method for Providing a Removably-Positionable Ratline
  • 9,355,366 Automated Systems for Improving Communication at the Human-Machine Interface
  • 9,316,670 Multiple Contact Probes
  • 9,310,428 Probe Retention Arrangement
  • 9,274,143 Vertical Probe Array Arranged to Provide Space Transformation
  • 9,250,266 Probe Bonding Method Having Improved Control of Bonding Material
  • 9,207,236 Highly Simplified Lateral Flow-based Nucleic Acid Sample Preparation and Passive Fluid Flow Control
  • 9,192,054 Apparatus for Anisotropic Focusing
  • 9,190,190 Method of Providing a High Permitivity Fluid
  • 9,139,311 Reusable Global Launcher
  • 9,121,868 Probes with Offset Arm and Suspension Structure
  • 9,097,740 Layered Probes with Core
  • 9,028,633 Fire and Smoke Suppressing Surface for Substrates
  • 9,016,359 Apparatus and Method for Supplying Electrical Power to an Electrocrushing Drill
  • 9,010,458 Pressure Pulse Fracturing System
  • 8,988,091 Multiple contact probes
  • 8,980,561 Nucleic acid detection system and method for detecting influenza
  • 8,958,142 Pulsed-power spiral/conical electromagnetic radiation amplifier
  • 8,907,689 Probe retention arrangement
  • 8,905,176 Method and apparatus for remotely disabling vehicles
  • 8,887,658 Multiple sheath multiple capillary aerosol jet
  • 8,887,609 Explosive system for destruction of overpacked munitions
  • 8,907,689 Probe retention arrangement
  • 8,905,176 Method and apparatus for remotely disabling vehicles
  • 8,887,609 Explosive system for destruction of overpacked munitions
  • 8,796,146 Aerodynamic jetting of blended aerosolized materials
  • 8,789,772 Virtual electrode mineral particle disintegrator
  • 8,723,546 Vertical guided layered probe
  • 8,684,800 Vehicle air distribution system with universal vent attachment
  • 8,640,975 Miniature aerosol jet and aerosol jet array
  • 8,619,368 Whole beam image splitting system
  • 8,616,302 Pulsed electric rock drilling apparatus with non-rotating bit and directional control
  • 8,602,703 Anchor for wall and other structures
  • 8,581,572 Photovoltaic test apparatus
  • 8,567,522 Apparatus and method for supplying electrical power to an electrocrushing drill
  • 8,534,598 Direct flight far space shuttle
  • 8,499,582 Interchangeable jewelry strand
  • 8,482,830 Hybrid reflection hologram
  • 8,455,051 Apparatuses and methods for maskless mesoscale material deposition
  • 8,387,735 Method and apparatus for remotely disabling vehicles
  • 8,320,047 Whole beam image splitting system
  • 8,272,579 Mechanically integrated and closely coupled print head and mist source
  • 8,236,237 Method and apparatus for destruction of biological and chemical agents
  • 8,132,744 Miniature aerosol jet and aerosol jet array
  • 8,110,247 Laser processing for heat-sensitive mesoscale deposition of oxygen-sensitive materials
  • 8,077,142 Reflective, bi-stable magneto optical display architectures
  • 8,027,906 Portrayal of human information visualization
  • 8,020,326 Magneto-optical display elements
  • 8,006,621 Linear explosive breaching apparatus and method
  • 7,987,813 Apparatuses and methods for maskless mesoscale material deposition
  • 7,982,439 System for energy harvesting and/or generation, storage, and delivery
  • 7,961,398 Multiple image camera and lens system
  • 7,955,481 Internal flow control in electrolytic cells
  • 7,938,341 Miniature aerosol jet and aerosol jet array
  • 7,938,079 Annular aerosol jet deposition using an extended nozzle
  • 7,922,890 Low maintenance on-site generator
  • 7,906,980 Rapid sweeping load testing circuit and method
  • 7,879,394 Deep deposition head
  • 7,870,813 Radio frequency jammer method
  • 7,864,507 Capacitors with low equivalent series resistance
  • 7,824,654 Method and apparatus for generating hydrogen
  • 7,740,749 Gas drive electrolytic cell
  • 7,720,012 Speaker identification in the presence of packet losses
  • 7,692,411 System for energy harvesting and/or generation, storage, and delivery
  • 7,674,671 Aerodynamic jetting of aerosolized fluids for fabrication of passive structures
  • 7,663,269 High bandwidth linear actuator for steering mirror applications
  • 7,658,163 Direct write# system
  • 7,649,141 Emitter wrap-through back contact solar cells on thin silicon wafers
  • 7,616,363 Method and apparatus for mass production of holograms
  • 7,489,718 Matched impedance controlled avalanche driver
  • 7,485,345 Apparatuses and methods for maskless mesoscale material deposition
  • 7,482,591 Carbonate scale detector
  • 7,478,586 Rotisserie roaster smoker
  • 7,450,052 Object detection method and apparatus
  • 7,449,072 Ultrasonic removal of materials from containers
  • 7,445,331 Eyeglasses with integral folding case
  • 7,437,883 Body armor cooling system
  • 7,399,077 Eyeglasses with integral case
  • 7,390,984 High power liquid dielectric switch
  • 7,340,125 Optical switches and switching methods
  • 7,335,555 Buried-contact solar cells with self-doping contacts
  • 7,331,400 Fire resistant and smoke suppressing coatings
  • 7,326,330 Method and apparatus for scale and biofilm control
  • 7,318,368 Radio frequency jammer
  • 7,312,412 High power liquid dielectric switch
  • 7,311,831 Filtration membrane and method of making same
  • 7,297,268 Dual head pump driven filtration system
  • 7,294,366 Laser processing for heat-sensitive mesoscale deposition
  • 7,287,903 Method and apparatus for rapid thermal testing
  • 7,270,844 Direct write.TM. system
  • 7,255,327 Systems and methods providing hands free water faucet control
  • 7,244,357 Pumps for filtration systems
  • 7,215,697 Matched impedance controlled avalanche driver
  • 7,170,001 Fabrication of back-contacted silicon solar cells using thermomigration to create conductive vias
  • 7,169,113 Portrayal of human information visualization
  • 7,167,123 Object detection method and apparatus
  • 7,151,540 Audience attention and response evaluation
  • 7,144,751 Back-contact solar cells and methods for fabrication
  • 7,131,684 Vehicle bed cover
  • 7,123,359 Optical devices and methods employing nanoparticles, microcavities, and semicontinuous metal films
  • 7,119,893 Determination of center of focus by parameter variability analysis
  • 7,110,099 Determination of center of focus by cross-section analysis
  • 7,108,894 Direct Write.TM. System
  • 7,105,787 Reverberating adaptive microwave-stirred exposure system
  • 7,053,991 Differential numerical aperture methods
  • 7,045,015 Apparatuses and method for maskless mesoscale material deposition
  • 7,039,266 Nonmetallic input device for magnetic imaging and other magnetic field applications
  • 7,032,369 Crop thinning apparatus and method
  • 7,008,523 Electrolytic cell for surface and point of use disinfection
  • 7,005,075 Gas drive electrolytic cell
  • 6,942,765 Submicron and nano size particle encapsulation by electrochemical process and apparatus
  • D534,750 Rollout drawer kit

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California Institute of Technology, Ph.D., Applied
Physics, 1992; M.S., Applied Physics, 1985

Harvard University, A.B., Physics cum laude, 1983


Registered Patent Agent,
No. 56,721

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