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Intellectual Property—Patent, Trademark, Copyright, Licensing, Litigation

Steve Slusher has substantial legal and practical experience in both litigation and transactional matters. He is a registered patent attorney and member of the New Mexico Bar. Slusher received his undergraduate degree from St. John’s College (Santa Fe) and his J.D. degree, cum laude, from the University of New Mexico School of Law. Representative patents prosecuted by Mr. Slusher are listed below.

Mr. Slusher has practice both as an attorney and as an entrepreneur. Prior to joining Peacock Myers, P.C., he was principal of Slusher/Associates LLC, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, providing services primarily to high technology and development-stage companies in areas including corporate finance, securities law compliance and intellectual property.

He served as in-house counsel of Palatin Technologies, Inc., a publicly traded development-stage biotechnology company. There he participated in corporate restructuring and financing, including a merger with RhoMed Incorporated, ultimately resulting in public listing of Palatin. He was Executive Vice President, General Counsel, and co-founder of RhoMed Incorporated, a biotechnology company which developed diagnostic and therapeutic nuclear medicine drugs. At RhoMed he was responsible for legal affairs and related functions, including intellectual property and securities law compliance, and corporate development.

Previously he served as a Deputy District Attorney in Albuquerque from 1980 to 1986, supervising the Administrative Support Division, the Services Division, the Special Prosecutions Section, and the Economic Crimes Division.

Selected Work Experience

Peacock Myers, P.C., Albuquerque, New Mexico
Of-Counsel, January 1999-Present
Of Counsel and Registered Patent Attorney working in patent prosecution in biotechnology, genetics, pharmaceutical sciences, biochemistry, metrology systems and material sciences.  Also handling patent, trademark, intellectual property litigation and licensing matters.

Palatin Technologies, Inc., Princeton, New Jersey
In-House Counsel, May 1996-September 1996; July 2005-Present
In-house counsel of development-stage biotechnology company.  Participated in corporate restructuring and financing, including merger with RhoMed Incorporated, ultimately resulting in listing of company on Nasdaq SmallCap market.

Slusher/Associates LLC, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Attorney, September 1996 – February 1999
Practice primarily limited to high technology and development-stage companies, including corporate finance, securities and intellectual property.  Coordinated intellectual property portfolios with patent counsel, including patent preparation and office action responses.  Prepared offering documentation and public company reports, including Securities and Exchange Commission filings.

RhoMed Incorporated, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Executive Vice President, May 1986-June 1996
Executive Vice President, General Counsel and co-founder of biotechnology company developing diagnostic and therapeutic nuclear medicine drugs.  Responsible for legal affairs and related functions, including intellectual property and securities law compliance, and corporate development.


TVC Advisor
New Mexico Biotechnology & Biomedical Association, Member
New Mexico Foundation for Human Enrichment, President
MPower Citizen’s Advisory Board for New Mexico AIDS Services, Member

Representative patents prosecuted include:

  • 8,828,926 Uses of natriuretic peptide constructs
  • 8,729,224 Melanocortin receptor-specific peptides for treatment of female sexual dysfunction
  • 8,580,747 Cyclic natriuretic peptide constructs
  • 8,580,746 Amide linkage cyclic natriuretic peptide constructs
  • 8,492,517 Melanocortin-1 receptor-specific cyclic peptides
  • 8,487,073  Melanocortin receptor-specific peptides for treatment of sexual dysfunction
  • 8,263,608  Melanocortin receptor-specific spiro-piperidine compounds
  • 8,247,530  N-alkylated cyclic peptide melanocortin agonists
  • 8,114,844  Linear and cyclic melanocortin receptor-specific peptidomimetics
  • 7,968,548  Melanocortin receptor-specific piperazine compounds with diamine groups
  • 7,964,601  Melanocortin receptor-specific compounds
  • 7,964,181  Amino acid surrogates for peptidic constructs
  • 7,938,079  Annular aerosol jet deposition using an extended nozzle
  • 7,897,721  Cyclic peptide compositions for treatment of sexual dysfunction
  • 7,834,017  Diamine-containing, tetra-substituted piperazine compounds having identical 1- and 4-substituents
  • 7,807,678  Peptidomimetics of biologically active metallopeptides
  • 7,795,378  Peptide compositions for treatment of sexual dysfunction
  • 7,795,221  Linear natriuretic peptide constructs
  • 7,754,691  Linear melanocortin receptor-specific peptides for cachexia
  • 7,732,451  Naphthalene-containing melanocortin receptor-specific small molecule
  • 7,727,991  Substituted melanocortin receptor-specific single acyl piperazine compounds
  • 7,727,990  Melanocortin receptor-specific piperazine and keto-piperazine compounds
  • 7,718,802  Substituted melanocortin receptor-specific piperazine compounds
  • 7,709,484  Substituted melanocortin receptor-specific piperazine compounds
  • 7,655,658  Thieno [2,3-D]pyrimidine-2,4-dione melanocortin-specific compounds
  • 7,649,141  Emitter wrap-through back contact solar cells on thin silicon wafers
  • 7,622,440  Cyclic natriuretic peptide constructs
  • 7,601,753  Pyrrolidine melanocortin-specific compounds
  • 7,550,602  Small molecule compositions for sexual dysfunction
  • 7,528,105  Heterodimeric chain synthetic heparin-binding growth factor analogs
  • 7,482,427  Positive modulator of bone morphogenic protein-2
  • 7,473,760  Cyclic peptide compositions for treatment of sexual dysfunction
  • 7,468,210  Cross-linked heparin coatings and methods
  • 7,445,619  Devices for electrosurgery
  • 7,425,608  Method of making metallopeptides
  • 7,417,027  Linear and cyclic melanocortin receptor-specific peptides
  • 7,396,814  Metallopeptide compositions for treatment of sexual dysfunction
  • 7,385,025  Metallopeptide compounds
  • 7,354,438  Devices for electrosurgery
  • 7,345,144  Cyclic peptides for treatment of cachexia
  • 7,342,089  Cyclic peptides for treatment for cachexia
  • 7,335,555  Buried-contact solar cells with self-doping contacts
  • 7,307,063  Melanocortin metallopeptides for treatment of sexual dysfunction
  • 7,297,343  Bioactive medical films
  • 7,235,625  Multiple agent therapy for sexual dysfunction
  • 7,217,769  Medical device with plasma cross-linked hydrophilic coating
  • 7,189,755  Pyrrolidine melanocortin-specific compounds
  • 7,176,279  Cyclic peptide compositions and methods for treatment of sexual dysfunction
  • 7,176,036  Electroactive microspheres and methods
  • 7,170,001  Fabrication of back-contacted silicon solar cells using thermomigration to create conductive vias
  • 7,166,574  Synthetic heparin-binding growth factor analogs
  • 7,144,751  Back-contact solar cells and methods for fabrication
  • 7,119,893  Determination of center of focus by parameter variability analysis
  • 7,110,099  Determination of center of focus by cross-section analysis
  • 7,105,011  Method for achieving tissue changes in bone or bone-derived tissue
  • 7,097,824  Tuftsin metallopeptide analogs and uses thereof
  • 7,066,932  Biologically enhanced irrigants
  • 7,053,991  Differential numerical aperture methods
  • 7,049,398  Melanocortin metallopeptide constructs, combinatorial libraries and applications
  • 6,979,436  Opioid metallopeptide compositions and methods
  • 6,949,220  Artificial heart-lung apparatus
  • 6,921,811  Bioactive coating composition and methods
  • 6,902,564  Methods and devices for electrosurgery
  • 6,893,552  Microsensors for glucose and insulin monitoring
  • 6,878,255  Microfluidic devices with thick-film electrochemical detection
  • 6,863,112  Window insulating device, kit and system
  • 6,856,408  Line profile asymmetry measurement using scatterometry
  • 6,794,489  Compositions and methods for treatment of sexual dysfunction
  • 6,776,984  Induced regeneration and repair of damaged neurons and nerve axon myelin
  • 6,765,069  Plasma cross-linked hydrophilic coating
  • 6,750,968  Differential numerical aperture methods and device
  • 6,746,837  Multiple drug resistance gene atrD of aspergillus nidulans
  • 6,728,663  Structure identification using scattering signatures
  • 6,689,799  1,4-dihydropyridine-5-carboxylic acid ester derivatives and method for the preparation thereof
  • 6,682,647  Bismuth-based electrochemical stripping analysis
  • 6,673,563  Luminous bacteria and methods for the isolation, identification and quantitation of toxicants
  • 6,630,612  5-HT3 receptor assay using transgenic mammal
  • 6,630,580  Silyl and Heparin compositions
  • 6,613,432  Plasma-deposited coatings, devices and methods
  • 6,607,756  Method and topical compound for treatment of edema
  • 6,606,152  Determination of center of focus by diffraction signature analysis
  • 6,596,699  Nucleic acid coating compositions and methods
  • 6,579,968  Compositions and methods for treatment of sexual dysfunction
  • 6,575,888  Bioabsorbable brachytherapy device
  • 6,547,794  Method for fusing bone during endoscopy procedures
  • 6,534,265  Oryzacystatin-I applications and methods
  • 6,497,234  Herbal composition as a substitute for tobacco
  • 6,478,582  Free rotator demonstrator
  • 6,475,989  Use of pyroglutamyl-glutamyl-prolyl amide (EEP) for neurological and neurobehavioral disorders
  • 6,468,785  Doped conducting polymers applications and methods
  • 6,429,930  Determination of center of focus by diffraction signature analysis
  • 6,413,326  High strength coupling and method
  • 6,374,615  Low cost, low emissions natural gas combustor
  • 6,342,591  Amphipathic coating for modulating cellular adhesion composition and methods
  • 6,331,285  Structurally determined cyclic metallo-constructs and applications
  • 6,299,908  Compound and method for minimizing the appearance of cutaneous neoplasms and discolorations
  • 6,252,131  Transgenic mammal having 5-HT3 transgene overexpression in the CMS
  • 6,197,497  Immunoassay for herpes simplex virus
  • 6,113,599  Apparatus for internal mandibular distraction
  • 6,027,711  Structurally determined metallo-constructs and applications
  • D501,933  Set of pavers
  • D499,334  Combined balloon bottle and gondola cap

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University of New Mexico, J.D. cum laude, 1977

St. John's College (Santa Fe), B.A. Liberal Arts, 1974


Registered Patent Attorney
No. 43,924

New Mexico (1977); United States District Court for the District of New Mexico (1977); Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals (1977); United States Patent Office (1998); Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (2002)

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