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Copyright Registration

Original written and visual art works, music and other sound recordings, etc. are the author’s exclusive property. Copyrights protect these works from unlawful copying, allowing authors and artists to profit from their creations. The attorneys at Peacock Myers, P.C. in Albuquerque, NM can help you complete copyright registration to protect your exclusive rights and build your intellectual property portfolio.

Copyright Protection

Like patents, copyrights provide protection for material intellectual property, such as:

  • Literary works
  • Musical works, including lyrics
  • Choreographic works
  • Visual arts
  • Motion pictures
  • Sound recordings
  • Architectural designs

Copyright protection begins on the effective date—the date on which the Copyright Office receives all required elements for registration in the appropriate form*—and extends for the life of the author plus 70 years.

*Deposit material required for copyright registration is outlined for various published and unpublished works in Copyright Office Circular 40A.

Copyright Notice and Infringement

Copyright laws and international agreements make intellectual property protection for artistic works fairly straightforward. Exclusive rights to the work are enjoyed by the author (the author being an employer in the case of works-for-hire) and are recognized nearly globally per the terms of the Berne Convention.

However, adoption of the Berne Convention in 1989 amended federal copyright law so that copyright notice—the display of the copyright symbol ©, author’s name and date of first publication—was no longer required. Unfortunately, lack of copyright notice lends itself to claims of accidental infringement, which may affect damages that may be claimed during copyright litigation. In the event of copyright infringement, it is advisable to hire an attorney to effectively protect your intellectual property rights.

Protect Your Art

Copyright protection may be all you need to protect your exclusive intellectual property rights, or it may be one necessary asset for a comprehensive IP portfolio. Contact the attorneys at Peacock Myers, P.C. to develop a strategy to identify and complete all patent applications, trademark and copyright registrations you need to effectively protect your intellectual property.

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