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Entertainment Law

The New Mexico Film Office provides a number of reasons New Mexico makes an excellent site for movie production, including state tax incentives (25-30% tax credits), the largest crew base between the East and West Coasts and vast and various landscapes.

But with a growing film industry comes a growing need for legal support and intellectual property protection. Peacock Myers, P.C. is an entertainment law firm that provides the support film producers need.

Entertainment Law Matters

The entertainment attorneys at Peacock Myers, P.C. represent the interests of:

  • Recording Artists/Musicians/Songwriters
  • Screenplay Authors
  • Actors
  • Actresses
  • Producers

Our entertainment lawyers have the experience to help film industry professionals with a number of issues that arise from multimedia productions, such as:

Through our practice of entertainment law, we strive to prevent theft or unlawful use of your intellectual property. However, in the event of copyright and/or trademark infringement, the lawyers at Peacock Myers, P.C. will pursue IP litigation.

Supporting Local Film Industry Development

In addition to legal support for film industry professionals, Peacock Myers, P.C. is also invested in the future of New Mexico’s film industry. Our entertainment lawyers work closely with New Mexico State University’s Creative Media Institute for Film and Digital Arts to help them develop policies and releases to ensure intellectual property protection of their students’ work and lawful use of protected art in student productions.

Contact a Local Entertainment Law Firm

The attorneys at Peacock Myers, P.C. have the knowledge and experience with entertainment law necessary to provide local legal support for multimedia productions. Contact us today for assistance protecting your intellectual property and ensure the lawful use of others’.

Peacock Myers, P.C. provides local legal support for your New Mexico film production.

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