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Frequently Asked Questions about Intellectual Property Protection

At Peacock Myers, P.C., we give every client the personal attention they need to develop an IP protection and global branding strategy. We make ourselves available to answer your questions. However, over our years of experience, we have noticed that many clients have similar questions, the answers to which are provided below.

How can I protect my idea/invention from others?

The type of intellectual property protection you need depends on the nature of the intellectual property. In general:

  • Patents protect new technologies and the products created using them.
  • Trademarks protect branding concepts—logos, slogans, company and/or product designs, etc.
  • Copyrights protect original artistic creations like visual art, music and writing.
  • Trade secrets protect a process or method a company uses to make a product or achieve results.

In many cases, to sufficiently protect your idea/invention may require more than one type of IP protection. The attorneys at Peacock Myers, P.C. will help you develop a comprehensive IP portfolio and work toward securing the necessary protections.

How do I obtain “patent pending” protection?

A utility patent protects your idea/invention for 20 years (from the date of filing). However, completing the patent application (i.e. patent prosecution) is usually a lengthy process. A provisional patent provides IP protection for one year during which the utility patent prosecution process is underway. Provisional patent protection is secured by completing an application.

It is important to aggressively pursue the utility patent so that the expiration of “patent pending” protection does not leave your intellectual property vulnerable to public use.

How much does getting a patent and/or trademark cost?

The cost of securing intellectual property rights varies greatly and is determined by a number of factors, such as:

  • The complexity of the concept or design needing protection
  • The type (and number) of IP protections needed
  • The number of (and which) countries from which you seek IP protection abroad
  • The number of applications amendments necessary to prosecute the patent

The Registered Patent Attorney with whom you work will be better able to estimate the cost of securing your patent, trademark, copyright, etc. when more details about your idea/invention, firm and branding goals have been discussed.

Can You Afford to Forego IP Protection?

Intellectual property protection is essential to maximizing the profitability of your idea or invention. Please review our Intellectual Property Tune-Up and then contact Peacock Myers, P.C. in Albuquerque, NM today to talk to an intellectual property lawyer and begin the process of safeguarding your work from your competitors.

To successfully commercialize your idea or invention, you must safeguard your intellectual property.
Call Peacock Myers, P.C. to speak to a Registered U.S. Patent Attorney.

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