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Corporate Services: License & Joint Development Agreements

Most new technologies are collaborative endeavors. Parties may work together to research and invent; some parties may work together to provide funding for the research and development. Business agreements are highly recommended for any cooperative project to clearly establish and protect intellectual property rights.

The intellectual property lawyers at Peacock Myers, P.C. can develop the necessary joint development and/or licensing agreements to enhance your IP portfolio.

Joint Development & Ventures

When a single individual creates a new technology, process or art, there is no confusion about who holds exclusive intellectual property rights. However, when more than one creator is involved or when the creator’s work is funded by someone else, property rights become much more complicated.

Joint development and joint venture agreements clarify who and to what extent a party(ies) holds exclusive intellectual property rights. These agreements are essential to ensure that all parties involved in the development of a process or product benefit from the collaboration.


Profiting from intellectual property may entail allowing others to use and/or publish your art. License and publishing agreements can define parameters of lawful use of your art, whether it is protected by patent, trademark or copyright.

Full-Service Intellectual Property Law Firm

Complicated intellectual property issues can arise when parties collaborate to bring new technologies and art to market. Who has intellectual property rights can significantly affect a party’s profit potential. The intellectual property lawyers at Peacock Myers, P.C. can help individuals and businesses at any stage of product development acquire the protections and business agreements they need. Our experience enables us to draft agreements that meet present needs and avoid future conflicts. Contact Peacock Myers, P.C. to enhance your IP portfolio.

Joint development, venture and license agreements protect your profitability and avoid future conflicts.
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