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Corporate Services: Marketing & Distribution Agreements

To generate revenue from intellectual property, inventors and creators may need the help of others to bring their products to market. To define how marketers and distributors may lawfully use patented, trademarked and copyrighted material, business agreements are necessary. Peacock Myers, P.C., a full-service intellectual property law firm, provides comprehensive corporate services that include drafting marketing and distribution agreements necessary for a comprehensive IP portfolio.

Marketing and Distribution Agreement Considerations

Marketing and/or distribution agreements are intended to protect your intellectual property rights when you enter a relationship with a marketing or distribution agency to expand the market and profitability of your art. To accomplish these ends, these agreements should stipulate:

  • Intellectual property rights ownership
  • Minimum sales/performance metrics
  • Price
  • Royalties/commissions per sale
  • Payment schedule
  • Non-disclosure/confidentiality
  • Conflict resolution strategies

The lawyers at Peacock Myers, P.C. have years of experience with inventors and artists, and we know how to strongly advocate for their maximum profitability. The business agreements we develop are thorough, helping our clients avoid conflicts, lost profits and costly intellectual property litigation.

Full-Service Intellectual Property Protection

At Peacock Myers, P.C., we provide the legal support necessary for inventors and artists to develop and bring to market new innovations, ideas and creative productions. We consult with clients at every stage of product and business development to help them acquire the funding they need to startup or expand and to strategize on their intellectual property portfolio. Contact us for intellectual property protection, litigation and corporate services.

Marketing and distribution agreements protect your profitability and avoid future conflicts.
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